• Over 20 Years Experience
    Manufacturing Gantry Cranes

  • Made In The USA

  • Over 20 Years Experience
    Manufacturing Gantry Cranes

  • Made In The USA

1k 2k 4k & 6k All Terrain

1,000, 2,000, 4,000 & 6,000 lb. cap. Aluminum All-Terrain Portable Gantry Cranes

all terraingantry crane

This picture shows our model 2P88R All-Terrain gantry

We were the trend setters with our All-Terrain models being introduced in 1999.  Our model 2P88R All-Terrain gantry has a 2,000 lb. cap.  This gantry is constructed of 6061 T6 structural aluminum and has adjustable metal support legs and pads for easy leveling on most terrains making it much more versatile than tripod gantries.  It was specifically designed with 8.5″ diameter pneumatic tires for easy maneuvering over uneven surfaces.  Its structural aluminum construction makes it lightweight, yet very strong and extremely versatile for outdoor use in fields, gravel lots or construction sites.  The All-Terrain model is ideal for repairing farm or construction equipment on site or replacing heavy gate valves in the field.  Other uses include; landscaping for setting fountains and benches moving or repairing marble structures making it ideal for cemetery use for standing up headstones where tractors just can’t get.  This model is shown above on support pads.

Standard All -Terrain Gantry Features:
  • Horizontal & bulls-eye bubble levels for quick leveling with kick plates
  • Lightweight 6061 T6 series structural aluminum construction with steel leg risers
  • 300 variable height combinations for easy height leveling
  • Adjustable leg widths or fixed
  • Air casters
 Optional All-Terrain Gantry Features:
  • Height to 14′ under beam
  • Crank down jacks
  • A-Frame style 6,000 lbs. cap.  (Call for specifications)
  • Tilting or swivel sand pads
  • Optional custom size I-beam lengths to 30′ (depending upon capacity) 
  • Optional custom heights upon request
  • Optional swirled finish available in all models
  • Optional hoists, trolleys and custom slings

Note: Because these models were designed to be level and used in an outdoor environment, they are NOT able to pick or carry a load while on the tires/wheels.  Platform stands must be used with adequate shoring on penetrable surfaces before any lifting attempts. Gantry should NEVER be used when conditions are wet/muddy or when unstable ground conditions exist or are expected



Our gantries come standard with a horizontal level mounted on each side of I-beam (shown above) and a bulls-eye level mounted on each base (shown below).




Optional Stainless Steel Lifting Handle

For ease of operation, setup, and leveling this handle can be added as an option to our standard model.


Note: The different adjustments between the two columns and the different heights on the platform stands.

Shown above is our gantry on a compounded slope.  With our unique design of different and various hole spacing between the base, I-beam as well as the platform stands, it gives you literally hundreds of different height configurations.  These combinations make gantry leveling much easier.  Platform stands have 1″ hole spacings.


6,000 lb. cap. custom hybrid All-Terrain Gantry with cranks down jacks also capable of rolling on a solid surface fully loaded.

5 (1)

3,000 lb. cap. custom All-Terrain Gantry with pipe Stands

6,000 lb. cap. are A-Frame Styles and are built to suit customers requirements.  They are available in 8′ to 20′ spans and 12′ under beam heights. 

Standard Models Chart

For Metric Conversion Table click here


PR Model Web



4PR Model Web

Note: Custom gantry alterations are available upon request and priced individually.


Overseas shipping is no trouble. We have shipping world wide for 20 years.

 Note: Shipping is F.O.B. from Elko, NV 89801

For pricing please contact us by phone 775-778-9112 or fax 866-840-3839 or Sales@ECMW.com

OUR MODEL NUMBERS: 1P68R 1P69R 1P88R 1P89R 1P810R 1P108R 1P109R 1P1010R 1P128R 1P129R 1P1210R 1P158R 1P159R 1P1510R 2P68R 2P69R 2P88R 2P89R 2P810R 2P108R 2P109R 2P1010R 2P128R 2P129R 2P1210R 2P158R 2P159R 2P1510R 2P188R * 2P189R * 2P1810R * 2P208R * 2P209R * 2P2010R * 3P810R 3P812R 3P1010R 3P1012R 3P1210R 3P1212R 3P1510R 3P1512R 3P1810R ** 3P1812R ** 3P2010R ** 3P2012R ** 4P810R 4P812R 4P1010R 4P1012R 4P1210R 4P1212R 4P1510R 4P1512R 4P1810R ** 4P1812R ** 4P2010R ** 4P2012R **
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