• Over 20 Years Experience
    Manufacturing Gantry Cranes

  • Made In The USA

  • Over 20 Years Experience
    Manufacturing Gantry Cranes

  • Made In The USA

2k & 4k Removable Legs A Frame

2,000 & 4,000 lb. cap. with Removable Legs Aluminum A-Frame Gantry Cranes

Our model A2P89 shown in lowest position

Standard Gantry Crane Features:
  • 2,000 lb. cap.

  • Lightweight structural 6061 T6 aluminum construction

  • 5 Position adjustable heights

  • Telescoping break down legs (extendable and removable)

  • Adjustable heights

  • Adjustable or fixed leg widths

  • 4-position locking polyurethane casters at 90 degrees

Optional Gantry Crane Features:
  • Optional caster brakes

  • Optional casters styles (steel wheels, V track, etc.)

  • Optional custom size I-beam lengths

  • Optional custom heights upon request

  • Optional cart assembly available in all models

  • Optional swirled finish available in all models

  • Optional hoists, trolleys and custom sling

EC&MW, Inc. earlier on in 2005 saw the need for a truly portable gantry crane.  So we took the more traditional A-Frame style gantry and added a new and unique concept: removable/telescoping legs!  With our new design it allows it to be broken down further than any other gantry, making it the most portable A-Frame gantry of its time, breaking down in minutes.  It is deal for setting/servicing A/C units where the only access is a small staircase or hatchway to the roof.  The main frame without the casters extensions weighs only 36 pounds.  There is also no need for a full size pickup to haul this one around because it fits easily into mini vans and smaller pickups which is ideal for service/maintenance companies.  Transporting this gantry between facilities or to the job could never be easier.

Removable Leg (AP) Models Price List Link: https://www.ecmw.com/gantry-pricing/

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Removable Leg (AP) Models Price List Link: https://www.ecmw.com/gantry-pricing/



Note: I-beam, top caps and upright columns not shown in photo.

The above picture shows our gantry crane broken down for easy portability and cleaning if used in the food services industry.  Main frame is only 42.5″ high by 45″ wide by 4.625′” deep and weighs only 36 pounds.  The 4,000 pound capacity crane base weighs in at 44 pounds.


Above shows our cart assembly.

These gantries were is designed to have all four legs fully extended and secured with hitch and lynch pins before attempting any lifting of any loads.


Overseas shipping is no trouble. We have shipping world wide for 20 years.

 Note: Shipping is F.O.B. from Elko, NV 89801

For pricing please contact us by phone 775-778-9112 or fax 866-840-3839 or Sales@ECMW.com

OUR MODEL NUMBERS: A2P69 A2P610 A2P89 A2P810 A2P812 A2P109 A2P1010 A2P1012 A2P129 A2P1210 A2P1212 A2P159 A2P1510 A2P1512 A2P189 * A2P1810 * A2P1812 * A2P209 * A2P2010 * A2P2012 * A4P8104 A4P810 A4P812 A4P10104 A4P1010 A4P1012 A4P12104 A4P1210 A4P1212 A4P15104 A4P1510 A4P1512F A4P18104 ** A4P1810 ** A4P1812 ** A4P20104 ** A4P2010 ** A4P2012 **
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