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About EC&MW

History & Mission Statement

The owner of ECMW.com & Hospital Rigging Supply.com is the innovator of our “out of the box” thinking.  Owning a machinery/millwright rigging company & Mayflower Van Lines agency for more than 20 years allowed him to facilitate ideas he had and put them into working models.   His motto is, “We used them before we ever built them.”

His company specialized in moving and installing large medical equipment such as linear accelerators (cancer treatment machines), MRIs and simulators throughout the United States, Canada and Caribbean.  While in the rigging business, he designed and manufactured custom rigging equipment to assist in the installation of these machines.  His background in the rigging industry has given him the opportunity to actually use this type of equipment, not just build it like some other companies.

EC & MW, Inc. specializes in designing products that are different and innovative in the industry.  We were the first to innovate the All-Terrain gantry in 2000, Removable Leg Gantry in 2005, Air Caster Gantry in 2000, Stainless Steel Gantry in 2005 and more.  Our distinctive products includes our patented rocking top plate moving skates and cart assemblies for our aluminum gantries.

We are always working on new and inventive ideas to keep ourselves diverse from others in the marketplace.  Our products will provide you with years of top quality service.

We manufacture over 300 models of aluminum gantry cranes.  We have even manufactured custom gantries for the service departments for Siemens, Varian, Accuray, nuclear power companies and more.

Do you have an idea for a custom gantry? Call us 775-778-9112 to bring your idea to life.

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