Are Heavy-Duty Gantry Cranes the Ideal Choice for Heavy Load Lifting?

Posted on June 18, 2018 in Gantry Cranes

Are Heavy-Duty Gantry Cranes the Ideal Choice for Heavy Load Lifting?

When it comes to lifting hundreds of tons of materials, there are a number of different heavy-duty gantry cranes that are capable of doing just that available on the market today. They are well-known for their heavy load lifting capabilities and are commonly found in shipyards and other areas such as container processing facilities. Whenever you’re choosing a company or manufacturer to work with, make sure you’re dealing with someone that is reputable and offers a high-quality product.

These are gigantic pieces of equipment and can last for decades provided they are properly cared for and maintained on a regular basis. As long as they’re still standing, they’ll be functioning and reliable. Furthermore, it’s crucial to your operation that you choose a heavy-duty gantry crane that accommodates your needs and addresses your particular application. In order to choose the right piece of equipment, choosing the right company or manufacturer is paramount. Their experience and reputation in the industry counts. That is why compare the best models that you have shortlisted and consider the company that made them, before investing in it.

Finding the Right Company or Manufacturer

There are dozens of renowned companies that produce high-quality, heavy-duty gantry cranes available on the market today. Consequently, choosing one might be somewhat challenging. Additionally, heavy-duty gantry cranes come in a broad range of sizes and types all of which are mobile and capable of lifting and moving extremely heavy loads:

• Double girder models
• Single girder models
• Rail-mounted
• Rubber tire equipped

There are smaller units available such as portable units and then there are more unique types such as the truss or cantilever type of gantry crane. In addition to this, you should choose a model that provides substantial power. Finally, if increased efficiency is one of your company’s goals, heavy-duty these cranes are capable of completing some very precise tasks.

Typical Gantry Crane Specs

There are certain features and specs to look for when shopping for a heavy-duty gantry crane. Not all of them are the same and that is why you can choose one based on any of the following factors:

• Application
• Capacity
• Crane speed
• Lifting speed
• Span height
• Span length
• Trolley speed
• Type

You may also want to consider reading industry reviews and technical data before you make your decision. Based on the amount of weight you intend to lift and the way that you’ll be repositioning those loads, you can also base your decision on these factors. Remember, heavy-duty gantry cranes can be employed in a variety of project areas and workplaces. For the best application solution, be sure to discuss your needs with a reputable company or manufacturer.

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