A Basic Guide to buying an Aluminum Gantry Crane

Posted on August 9, 2017 in Gantry Cranes

One of the best options for meeting your load lifting and materials handling demands on your project or work site is the aluminum gantry crane.  To say the least, it is a smart yet cost-effective investment provided you choose a high-quality product.  In order to make a well-informed decision where this is concerned, some due diligence and research are essential to the decision-making process.  Analyzing the different available options can be helpful.  Just be aware that buying a cheaper piece of equipment could be putting worker productivity and safety at risk.

Chain-Fall, Head Room, and Under-Beam Height

One of the more crucial tasks of the decision making process is checking the chain-fall, head room, and under-beam height of the particular aluminum gantry crane model that you are interested in buying.  Chain-fall refers to how much chain is available to use for lifting.  In other words, if you choose a chain-fall of 15 feet, this means that you will have 15 feet of chain to use when lifting materials.

Height Adjustment Kit Availability

One of the many features of these cranes is their height adjustment capabilities.  Many aluminum gantries are equipped with height-adjustment kits while others don’t.  When searching for one of these kits, be sure that you purchase it from a trusted supplier or vendor.  Naturally, having a height adjustment kit is beneficial in that it enables you to set it according to your needs and specifications.

Load-lifting Capacity

One of the more critical factors to consider when purchasing an aluminum gantry crane is its load-lifting capacity.  Other than the quality standards of the device, this factor is essential to meeting your materials lifting and handling demands.  Just be aware that the market has numerous options where this is concerned.  However, not all of them will be capable of meeting your specific needs.

Consequently, preparing an extensive checklist of your requirements and specifications is paramount to the decision-making process.  Plus, this will help you find a product that is appropriate for your application.  This is a crucial point, so it’s important that you are judicious when determining the load lifting and carrying capacity of the aluminum gantry crane that you are interested in for your job site.  The aluminum models are available in 1-ton and 2-ton lifting capacities.

Online Options

Thanks to the widespread popularity of internet shopping, just about every crane and gantry product is available via the virtual marketplace.  You now have the added convenience of shopping for the ideal piece of equipment for your work site from the comfort of your own home or office.  All that is required is visiting several online portals and doing some comparison shopping.  However, it’s still a wise idea to discuss your needs with a manufacturer’s representative before making your final decision.

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