Create a More Efficient Work Area with a Mobile Gantry Crane

Posted on March 27, 2017 in Gantry Cranes

In order to avoid slowdowns or work stoppages on major projects, contractors and site supervisors have to rely on the best equipment available to meet their specific needs.  When lifting and moving materials from one area of a job site to another, the best piece of equipment for the task is a mobile gantry crane.  These devices provide a great deal of stability and support.  Consequently, this is why they are so popular in the materials handling industry throughout the US.

Mobile gantry cranes are similar to overhead cranes where functionality and practicality are concerned.  However, unlike the overhead version, the primary difference is that the mobile gantry has no overhead support.  Instead, the base of the mobile gantry crane provides the support.  Based on project guidelines and requirements, the mobile device can be battery powered or operated manually.  But the main advantage of the mobile or portable gantry is that it can be used in multiple locations on the work site.

Return on Investment

Another key aspect regarding mobile gantry cranes is the return on investment that they provide in the long run.  Just keep in mind that there are certain scenarios that a fixed rather than mobile gantry crane would be better suited for.  In any case, the underlying benefit is the reduction of labor costs and the fact that they help project workers save energy and time.  Most importantly of all, mobile gantry cranes help decrease the risk of fatigue and injuries. And that is an important benefit to consider for higher productivity.

Additional Considerations and Attributes

Because mobile gantry cranes were designed to be used in multiple locations on the same job site or transported from one to another, they can be quickly disassembled or reassembled.  In most cases, only one or two individuals are required for those tasks and they can easily be stored when theyre not being used.   Plus, they are easy to transport.  In so many words, you have an instant workstation that can be moved from location to location, and job site to job site, if need be. And it is safe and steady to lift weight with ease.

There are a number of attributes relative to gantry cranes that you should be aware of.  The following is a list of the typical attributes involved:

  • It can be used for lifting, moving, and positioning heavy materials
  • It has a broad range of applications including assembly, maintenance, repair, service, and more
  • It is a simple yet dependable device that is very economical when you consider how much work a single gantry crane can do
  • It is easily disassembled and stored
  • It is extremely versatile and can be transported to any job site

Another key consideration when investing in a mobile gantry crane is to purchase one that is height adjustable and can handle a broad range of materials.

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