Features and Ergonomic Benefits of Aluminum Workstation Cranes

Posted on April 10, 2017 in Gantry Cranes

Aluminum workstation cranes are built a number of required applications, some of which can be very demanding.  Based on the application theyve been designed for, these devices can lift anywhere from 500 pounds to 2 tons.  Furthermore, they are available in ceiling-mounted or freestanding models and constructed from lightweight yet durable aluminum.  Plus, with their customizable design, they can be built in varying heights and tailored to meet your specific needs and requirements.

Quick and Easy Installation

For projects requiring precise, repetitive movements, the aluminum workstation crane is a more cost-effective alternative to the overhead versions which involve a much costlier architectural investment that is involved with the installation of those models.  With bolt-on connections and standardized profiles, aluminum workstation cranes can be installed quicker and easier.  In some cases, installation can be completed in a single workday.  The quicker installation procedure enables you to have the device installed with only minimal interruptions to your production schedule.

Ergonomic Benefits

From an ergonomic standpoint, the aluminum workstation crane will not only solve your material handling concerns and problems, they provide several benefits including:

  • Easier movement and positioning loads can be moved up to three times easier thanks to the improved design and strength-to-weight ratio.
  • Enhanced quality youll be able to enhance the quality of your products while at the same time reducing damages and rejected parts. By making it easier to move and position loads, youll eliminate a great deal of product damage during the manufacturing process.
  • Improved utilization of your workforce youll be able to reach your goals quicker when using aluminum workstation cranes. That same RIT study showed that over 90% of your employees can easily handle loads with aluminum workstation cranes compared to less than 10% on a manual I-beam model.
  • Increased productivity individuals are able to work more productively that what they normally would when using the more traditional I-beam model. A recent study that was conducted at the Rochester Institute of Technology revealed that productivity increased by nearly 30% with aluminum workstation cranes.
  • Modular design with its modular design, the aluminum workstation crane permits easier expansion and movement. You can increase the length of the runway by adding more runway sections, free-standing supports, and extra bridges.

If your business depends on the productivity levels of your employees as well as the repetitive movement of materials or product, consider using an aluminum workstation crane on your next project.

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