HVAC and Air Caster Gantry – Winning Combination

Posted on October 7, 2016 in Gantry Cranes

Aluminum gantry cranes can be used in all types of businesses.  In this age where safety is becoming more important, HVAC companies are in the need of an aluminum gantry more than ever. Since our aluminum cranes are lightweight and portable, compared to the steel version of the same model, they are perfect for anyone that has to relocate the gantry crane from job location to job location. HVAC companies usually have a hydraulic crane to set the a/c unit on the roof.  They can have the crane set the steel gantry on the roof top as well. Now the job is done, the hydraulic crane is gone and the gantry crane is disassembled, (which for a steel crane can be back breaking work). How do you get the crane back off the roof? Try carrying a steel I-Beam down a set of stairs.

Compare the weight of our aluminum gantry cranes versus a steel gantry. One more advantage of an aluminum gantry crane is it will not rust, so they are perfect for use outside where the crane is subject to the elements of weather. We manufacture two different Air Caster gantry crane models. Our T Frame design is the most popular of the two models. The T Frame has a larger footprint, allowing you to spread the load over several roof trusses while making your pick and rolling the crane. The 2000 lb T Frame has five air casters under each base, while the 1000, 3000 and 4000 lb models have four air casters. The advantage of the T Frame design versus the A Frame is that you can remove the four outside casters to make the crane lighter for carrying and transporting. With removing only the four outside, it still gives you the ability to roll the crane. The A Frame model Air Caster gantry crane has two dual air casters under each leg. If you remove the casters to lighten the carrying load, there is no rolling the leg.  Even aluminum as light as it is, can get heavy if you have to carry every piece.

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Two Models to choose from Click Links: A frame Air Caster or T Frame Air Caster (most popular)