Importance of Different Gantry Cranes in Construction

Posted on August 12, 2016 in Gantry Cranes

When it comes to the construction industry, the importance aluminum gantries and gantry cranes cannot be overstated.  Oftentimes referred to as a bridge or overhead crane, this large piece of equipment is used to lift extremely heavy materials or objects.  These are fitted with one or more rails and a trolley that enable the equipment to move vertically and is a key component in the construction of larger buildings such as factories, industrial warehouses, and manufacturing plants.  They can also be utilized to lift heavy cargo in ship harbors and at train stations.

There are different varieties of devices available in both the standard gantry crane and the aluminum gantry crane model to be aware of depending on your specific needs. Thus, you will need to know more about it before picking the right category. Here are 4 of the more common varieties:

Aluminum gantry crane this model is ideal for small jobs and is generally used on smaller scale construction and manufacturing projects.  Aluminum gantries are popular because of their portability.  They can be disassembled quickly, loaded up, and then transported to a different location where it can be re-assembled and put into use again.  Consequently, the advantage of quick assembly and disassembly results in another advantage namely easy and effective storage.  Additionally, it is very cost-effective and very lightweight compared to other models that are constructed from heavier materials.

Overhead gantry crane this heavy-duty crane possesses certain qualities that the traveling cranes do not.  Resting on its overhead wheels, the device is typically used in more advanced construction work.  By placing it perpendicularly, it can be used more effectively and move in vertical fashion in order to reach just about every area in a construction site.  The overhead gantry crane is ideal for those projects that require the lifting of heavy materials and other objects.

Portal gantry crane as the most basic of all models, the device is based on wheels and straight pillars.  The portal crane is more commonly known as the gantry.  However, some models are manufactured with a fixed mechanism such as those that are used to lift heavy rail cargo.  The portal model is used for those construction maneuvers and operations that are more complicated.

Workstation gantry crane as its name implies, the device is used for lifting and moving cargo and materials in smaller areas such as in a factory or machine shop as well as within the confines of a construction site.  Some devices have an enclosed track while others feature a running surface that is equipped with an I-beam.  The majority of the workstation gantry cranes in use today are intended to be mobile when they are being unloaded and stationary as they are being loaded.

Before choosing a gantry crane for your construction site or other project, it is important to determine the particular model that will best address your specific needs.