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This information and recommendations contained in these publication come from sources believed to be reliable and to represent the best current practices.  EC&MW, Inc. does not intend this manual to be a complete course of instructions on how to use this gantry with safety and does not guarantee or represent that the information is absolutely correct or sufficient under all circumstances .  In addition, it cannot be assumed that all acceptable safety measures are listed or that other additional measures are not needed under particular or exceptional conditions.

Never substitute any of these manuals for your own.  Gantries ending with the letter C represent cranes that were custom made.  Therefore those manuals may have additional safety requirements not listed in these manuals below. If you do not see your particular model listed, please do not hesitate to call us for a replacement.


Fixed Leg A Frame Gantries   Model numbers ending in the letter F

Download (PDF, 698KB)

Extendable Leg A Frames models that start with the letter “A” followed by numbers 1,2,or 3 then followed by the letter “P” and end with the a number.  For instance A2P1012

Download (PDF, 902KB)

SB Models Gantries

Download (PDF, 782KB)

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