How Does One 10-Ton Gantry Crane Differ From Another?

Posted on July 12, 2017 in Gantry Cranes

Whenever you are purchasing any industrial overhead lifting equipment such as a gantry crane, keep in mind that no two models are alike.  Some of the key differences that you’ll quickly discover include:

  • constructed from different kinds of materials (e.g. aluminum or steel)
  • customizable for a wide range of industry applications
  • designed with different weight lifting capacity
  • manufactured in fixed (stationary) or portable models

Different features one of the latest technological innovations to dramatically change the materials handling industry has been the start of “smart” features.  Just about every gantry crane being manufactured today is equipped with a number of exciting features.  Furthermore, you have a broad range of ideas that you can explore when it comes to the different features that would meet your needs and requirements.

Different hoists in most cases, different gantry cranes will be equipped with different types of hoists.  For instance, some gantry cranes can be equipped with hoists that have been designed and developed for hazardous environment applications while others will limit the amount of load using a different hoist.  The point is that you’re not just going to be shopping for a gantry crane.  You’ll have to shop for hoists as well.  Buying the right hoist ensures that the equipment can handle the job for you.

Different sizes its obvious, by virtue of its lifting capacity, that some gantry cranes are capable of lifting and moving a tremendous amount of weight.  However, despite the weight factor, this is not to imply that all gantry cranes are the identical size.  While some cranes are massive and capable of handling many tons of weight, others are much smaller but are manufactured from more durable materials.  So you want to be sure that you explore different models and determine the features that will best meet your needs and requirements.

Now, you can compare and see what works for you. Based on your company’s requirements, you can check and see the best gantry for your lifting requirements.