How to Select the Right Gantry Crane for the Job

Posted on April 24, 2017 in Gantry Cranes

The purchase of a gantry crane for your project or work site is a long-term investment that requires a well-informed decision.  These devices can dramatically improve your operation by increasing productivity, reduce labor costs, streamline production, and safeguard your employees from injury.  If you select the right gantry crane for the job this will help you reduce future expenses and ensure more profitability.  Unfortunately, this decision requires a great deal of due diligence and research.

The Role of Your Building or Facility

Your building or facility will play an extremely significant role in the choice of a gantry crane.  The design of the structure and the support of the materials is another important variable that needs to be considered when trying to select the right gantry crane for the job.  This may require getting copies of the building plans and soliciting the assistance of a structural engineer.

Because the gantry crane is a freestanding device, youll need to ensure that the floor of your facility is able to support the weight of the materials being handled.  Youll need to design the gantry crane according to your needs and specifications and install it so that it is not obtrusive in any way.  Not only will this enhance productivity levels, it will create a safer working environment for your crew or employees. That is why proper training needs to be provided so that there are no chances of any accidents.

Basic Factors to Consider

Before you start shopping for a specific model of gantry, there are certain factors and other critical information that should be considered prior to making your decision.  The following should help you in the decision-making process and enable you to make the right choice overall:

  • Analyze your application the first step of the process is to evaluate your needs where the handling of materials is concerned. Youll want to consider certain factors such as capacity and service rating electrical and mechanical components, motor and operator controls, and structural components.
  • Perform a facility evaluation one of the more critical factors in the decision-making process is the size of your facility and the overall work space. The parameters include assembly and installation, inspection and maintenance, obstructions, and structure size.

Once you have completed those two steps, youll want to consider several other factors including gantry crane span, lifting capacity, overall crane size, and wheel tread needed (mobile gantry cranes only).

No matter what type of gantry crane you select, you want to consider the 3-dimensional space that it will occupy within your facility or structure.  Be sure to include the hooks coverage area and the amount of space that will be occupied by the gantry crane.  Other dimensions to be concerned with include the rail-to-closest wall, rail-to-floor, and rail-to-lowest overhead obstruction runway areas.  Finally, you want to ensure that there is enough space to keep the gantry crane from hindering productivity in other areas.

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