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Standard Door Gantry

1,000, 2,000 and 3,000 lb. cap. A-Frame Door Way Aluminum Gantries

door_3_aThe above customer requested gantry has a 9′ long I-beam with a minimum height of 72″ under beam and an overall width of 32″ at the caster plates, when legs are fully retracted.  This gantry, as ordered, is capable of a max height of 108 1/2″ under beam giving it a 36 1/2″ adjustable height from lowest to highest position.  It also has custom 3 7/8″ hole spacings on the vertical columns.  Longer vertical columns could be purchased later giving this gantry the ability to have a maximum height under beam of 124″.  The extendable leg also has (4) 5 1/4″ hole spacing that widen the legs to 49 1/2″ at the caster plates.

Design Patient Pending

These gantries were designed to be rolled through standard door ways while loaded.  The base legs in the fully retracted position have over all width and lengths from 32″ to 35 1/2″ depending upon model.  Minimum over all height to top of beam can be as little as 60″, again depending upon models and capacity.  So as not to exceed the height to width ratio required for gantry manufacturing, there is recessed labeling indicating on all the expendable legs that indicate the maximum allowed height for that particular leg setting (shown in the picture above).  This design will allow you to move your projects from one test cell to another or from one environmental lab/clean room to another.

As these gantry cranes are more customer specific in design, there is no specification chart available.  Please feel free to contact us about what we can design for your specific application.  775-778-9112

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