• Over 20 Years Experience
    Manufacturing Gantry Cranes

  • Made In The USA

  • Over 20 Years Experience
    Manufacturing Gantry Cranes

  • Made In The USA

EC&MW continues to be open as we are classified as an essential business due to being in the manufacturing industry and suppliers to numerous medical industries worldwide. Feel free to contact us at 775-778-9112 with any questions or to place an order.

T Frame – Air/Pneumatic Tire Gantry Cranes

Aluminum T-Frame – Air/Pneumatic Tire Gantry Cranes

1,000, 2,000 3,000 & 4,000 lb. cap. AC “Air Caster” Gantry

EC&MW’s Air caster (AC model) gantry was inspired by the HVAC industries needs.  The eight/ten (depending upon model) pneumatic swivel casters makes it  ideal for moving loads over rooftops.  Applications include air handlers, compressors, electrical motors etc.  The lightweight aluminum construction makes it simple to break down for easy handling.

We have been manufacturing air caster portable gantries longer than any of our competition (by several years).  Along the way we learned a few things, such as adding the use of diagonal braces to all of our air caster model gantries.  The use of air caster on uneven terrain and softer ground surfaces will sometimes greatly increase the force required to push/pull the gantry crane.  Utilizing these braces adds superior strength to the columns and legs, so you can be rest assured of this gantries structural integrity. The few extra minutes that it takes to install the braces, we think is well worth benefits.

These braces attach to the receiver tubes as well as the I-beam, with the use of push pins and I beam clamps. This allows you to position your leg widths to fit your individual needs.  All of our portable gantry cranes use lanyards to attach our hitch and push pins, so misplacing parts is not a concern.

Uses:  The HVAC industry was our calling for this portable gantry crane.  To date nothing performs better.  Why: Greatly reducing the potential for roof damage. Our T Frame Air Caster Gantry Model wheels/tires span is longer than the industry standard A Frame design.  This increased span will enable, in some instances, the ability to load more than one roof truss at a time. Now this still does NOT lesson the total pounds per square inch.  That figure would be based on diameter, width and quantity of casters. More Uses: Replacing gate values in a field.  Other Industries: Agricultural, Aero Space, Museums and yes cemetery headstone replacement.  Side Note: We have been selling our gantries to the cemetery industry for almost 20 years. Teleshore UK Limited was and still is the original innovator and foremost authority of the use of aluminum gantries for cemetery maintenance and repair.

Standard 1,000 & 2,000 capacity portable gantry crane features:
  • 1,000 lb. cap. 4 single casters per base 480 lb cap per tire (Span between wheels = Overall span minus 11 1/2″)
  • 2,000 lb. cap. 5 single casters per base 480 lb cap per tire (Span between wheels = Overall span minus 11 1/2″)
  • Lightweight structural 6061 T6 series aluminum construction
  • Adjustable leg widths
  • 4 position locking casters (Only four outside casters have locks)
  • 8 height positions (4) @ 5″ and 4@ 4″ total of 36″ of adjustability
Optional Portable Gantry Crane Features:
  • 1,000 Lb Cap 4 Dual casters per base (Span between wheels = Overall span minus 18 3/4″)
  • 2,000 Lb Cap 4 Dual casters per base (Span between wheels = Overall span minus 21″)
  • Custom size I-beam lengths
  • Custom heights/ hole spacing’s upon request
  • Dual casters are available
  • Addition swivel locks for the remain casters

EC&MWs 2TAC1212 Model air tire gantry crane. Worker are moving a roof top air handler

Above is a 2TAC1212,  Its our little work horse portable gantry crane. It is rated at 2,000 lb Capacity with 12′ length I Beam and 12′ under beam max height. Although it is only 2 positions up from the lowest position in the photo.  Unable to see but there are a total on 10 air tire casters with a 10.5″ Dia on a 68″ long frame.  Each caster is rated at 480 pounds each.

ECMW, Inc. 3TAC1212 portable aluminum air tire gantry cane supporting and load of the bases frames is not possible with an A Frame style gantry crane

Our 3TAC air caster gantry crane shown above, all our TAC models they have in their design, the unique ability of be able to land the load on their frames.  Thus totally eliminating load swing.

Note:  Before using gantry on any rooftops, always check with the buildings architect or engineer for roof load capabilities.  Additional shoring may be required.  Roof must be capable of supporting the load plus gantry, rigging and personnel.  EC&MW cannot and will not be responsible for any roof damages.  If an outside application is intended, the gantry should never be used on or in mud, sand, loose/pea gravel or any other soft foundations.  Gantry should only be used on reasonably firm packed level ground.

At this time all air tire gantries are priced individually.  Please call for pricing 775-778-9112

AC Model Web

3 & 4,000 lb. cap. AC “Air Caster” Gantry

Shown to the right our model 4PAC1212 4,000 pound capacity air caster gantry.  The difference between our 3,000 and 4,000 capacity gantries is the 4,000 has a larger I-beams

Standard 3, 4,000 cap. Portable Gantry Crane Features:
  • 3 & 4,000 lb. cap. Have four 16″ Dia casters rated at 960 lb each on a 87″ long base frame

  • Lightweight structural 6061 T6 series aluminum construction

  • 5 Position adjustable heights 2 @ 9 1/2″ and 3 @ 5 5/8″  Total adjustability is 36″

  • Adjustable leg widths or fixed

  • 4 position locking casters (only four outside casters have locks)
Optional Portable Gantry Crane Features:
  • Caster brakes

  • Custom size I-beam lengths

  • Custom heights/hole spacing’s upon request

  • Additional locking pins on remaining four casters

  • Dual caster are available

Shown here is our 4TAC Model air caster aluminum gantry crane. This model utilizes eight 16" dia air tires.The above picture shows a 4TAC1512 model.  15 Foot I Beam 12′ High under beam.

AC Model Web



Overseas shipping is no trouble. We have shipping world wide for 20 years.

 Note: Shipping is F.O.B. from Elko, NV 89801

For pricing please contact us by phone 775-778-9112 or fax 866-840-3839 or Sales@ECMW.com

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This warranty is the only written or express warranty given by EC&MW, Inc. & Hospital Rigging Supply, Inc.

10 YEAR From date of purchases:

EC&MW, Inc. & Hospital Rigging Supply, Inc. warrants to the original buyer that this product shall be free from all defects in material or workmanship for a period of 10 years from date of purchase.

This warranty does not apply to any product, which has been subjected to abuse, misuse, negligence, modification, overuse of its rated capacity, use of or storage in unforgiving environmental conditions, accident or normal wear beyond its serviceability of 20,000 hours.

EC&MW, Inc. & Hospital Rigging Supply, Inc. cannot be responsible for any unlawful sale(s) by unlawful dealers and or any other 3rd party resellers.  This includes ALL resales by either online or yard auctions.  This warranty is not transferable and is valid only for the original buyer and does not include any subsequent resales.  In no event shall EC&MW, Inc. & Hospital Rigging Supply, Inc. be liable for any expressed, implied, statutory and or incidental or consequential damages including but not limited to loss of work, loss of income or additional operating expenses.  Notice of defect must given in writing within 60 days of receipt of goods.  Upon the return (freight prepaid) to our factory. EC&MW, Inc. & Hospital Rigging Supply, Inc. will, if found defective, refund, repair or replace any part or the entire unit, with one of it or like model.  Other manufacturer’s warranties will apply and supersede any warranty given by EC&MW, Inc. & Hospital Rigging Supply, Inc.  For those warranties and repairs you must contact the individual manufacturer directly.  Any alterations or misuse of this product will void all warranties and liabilities.  Customer assumes all liability and risks resulting from the use of this product.

 This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may have other legal rights, which vary from state to state.

Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, or allow the exclusion or limitations of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you.

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Safety First


We at EC&MW, Inc. and Hospital Rigging Supply, Inc. have always considered “Safety First” as a number one propriety.  The purpose of the “Safety First” content is to promote safety through the use of correct operating and maintenance procedures.

Warning!  It is your explicit responsibility to consider all risk factors prior to using this or any rigging device or product.   To avoid injury, read and fully understand this information before using this product and follow OSHA and ANSI guidelines.  Owner must ensure that all users are trained on the use of this or any rigging product.  Use by untrained persons is hazardous.  Improper use could result in serious injury, death and or property damage.  All rigging products will fail if damaged, abused, misused, overused or improperly maintained.


  • Never use gantry for lifting or supporting/moving humans or lifting or supporting loads over humans.
  • Never lift more than rated capacity (Capacity labeled on I Beam)
  • Never use gantry without all hitch & lynch pins and additional hardware secured in place.
  • Never makes any adjustments while gantry is in use or under load.
  • Never slings loads over top of I beam.
  • Never use/roll loaded gantry over any uneven surfaces or on any inclines.
  • Never push or pull the gantry with a lift truck or any other vehicle.
  • Never leave any load suspended in the air unattended.
  • Never work under a suspended load.
  • Never allow load to swing or come in contact with any portion of the gantry.
  • Never place feet or other objects under bases as extension tubes may pass through the base to the ground.
  • Never force or hurry your work or equipment.  You and your equipment will do better and safer at the rate for which it was intended.
  • Never use any product exhibiting deformities, as defined by OSHA 1910.179.  Inspection must be performed by certified personnel.  Any unusual wear or deterioration must be immediately replaced or repaired.
  • Never store gantry where corrosives chemical or solvents are kept.
  • Never position gantry legs where loaded or unloaded gantry can become unstable.  (Keep legs adequately apart. At least 50% of beam length or more)
  • Never position trolley or hoist assemblies on outside of gantry legs.


  • Always inspect gantry prior to each use for missing or damaged parts.
  • Always when moving the loaded gantry, push on the gantry not the load.
  • Always when moving the loaded gantry, keep load as close to the floor as possible and positioned in the center of the I-beam.
  • Always when moving loaded gantry push/pull simultaneously on both gantry legs.  Not on the load.
  • Always limit your speed to less than 1 1/2 miles per hour when moving gantry crane.
  • Always position: I-beam/hoist & trolley directly over center of load before lifting.
  • Always stand to one side of I-beam when assembling/disassembling or making any height adjustments.
  • Always remove trolley and hoist when assembling or disassembling gantry.
  • Always make certain that the load is not attached to the floor and any obstacles that may impede lifting have been removed.
  • Always make any adjustments and or repairs in an area where it will have the least interference with the operation.
  • Always make certain that all operating and safety instructions for all rigging equipment have been read and fully understood.
  • Always make certain all caution/warning labels are in place and legible before each use.
  • Always verify that the rated capacity of the gantry is clearly marked on each side of the I-beam before each use.
  • Always keep visitors a safe distance from work area.
  • Always keep work area clean.  Cluttered areas invite accidents.
  • Always watch what you are doing.  Use common sense.
  • Always store gantry in a safe and dry area, which will be free from weather and foreign materials.
  • Always check that all I Beam clamps/top cap bolts are torque to: 1/2” 13 thread to 51 ft lb. each or 69 nm (newton meters). 5/8” 11 thread to 108 ft lb. each or 146 nm (newton meters).

Important Additional Safety Instructions “Not Model Specific”

  • Warning! Gantry will conduct electricity.
  • Never use gantry where power lines or open circuits are present.  Also be aware of electrical weather conditions. (lightening)
  • Gantries with the letter “C” at the end of the model number: Some instructions may or may not pertain to that particular crane. Call for verification.
  • Check air pressures in all tires before making any lifts with gantry.  “If Low” Equally inflate to proper pressure(s) before using gantry crane.
  • Some models require the use of diagonal leg to beam braces. Never use gantry without braces. Refer to your owners manual for specific instructions.
  • The use of some of our gantry crane models have the ability to be used on minimal uneven surfaces.  But is still limited to moving crane by hand only.
  • Always verify labeling before using gantry crane.  Some of our gantry cranes when used improperly can exceed our height to width ratio.
  • If your gantry is equipped with crank down jacks. Raising loaded gantry is limited to raising no more than 1″ at one time per jack. Until desired height.
  • It shall be the owner’s responsibility to maintain all warnings and instructions and to see that they are intact, as well as legible.  Free replacement labels are available upon request.
  • When moving loaded gantry observe all wheels are rolling freely.  Excessive force should never be used when moving gantry.
  • Always replace any missing hardware immediately, with exact Grade, Length, Diameter and “Thread”. Never replace with substandard hardware!
  • You must understand these instructions and warnings prior to use. If you, as the owner or user, do not understand English, it is your responsibility to have all the instructions and warnings interpreted into your native language for full and total comprehension.
  • All users must understand OSHA regulations, ANSI standards and relevant regulations.
  • Destroy gantry if exposed to fire or corrosives chemicals.

The safety instructions put forth above were in effect at the time of publication.  However, owing EC&MW, Inc. & Hospital Rigging Supply, Inc. policy of continuous improvement, changes to these instructions may be made at any time without obligation on the part EC&MW, Inc. & Hospital Rigging Supply, Inc.

Due to our large diversity of past and present aluminum gantry crane designs, EC&MW, Inc and Hospital Rigging Supply, Inc. cannot assume that all acceptable safety measures are listed or that other additional measures are not needed under particular or exceptional circumstances or conditions.  This information and recommendations contained herein come from sources we believed to be reliable and to represent the best current practice.  EC&MW, Inc. & Hospital Rigging Supply, Inc. does not intend this page to be a complete course of instructions on how to use this gantry with complete safety and does not guarantee or represent that the information is absolutely correct or sufficient.

OUR MODEL NUMBERS: 1PAC68 1PAC69 1PAC88 1PAC89 1PAC108 1PAC109 1PAC128 1PAC129 1PAC158 1PAC159 2PAC68 2PAC69 2PAC88 2PAC89 2PAC108 2PAC109 2PAC128 2PAC129 2PAC158 2PAC159 2PAC188 * 2PAC189 * 2PAC208 * 2PAC209 * 2TAC810 2TAC811 2TAC1010 2TAC1011 2TAC1210 2TAC1211 2TAC1510 2TAC1511 2TAC1810 * 2TAC1811 * 2TAC2010 * 2TAC2011 * 3PAC811 3PAC812 3PAC1011 3PAC1012 3PAC1211 3PAC1212 3PAC1511 3PAC1512 3PAC1811 ** 3PAC1812 ** 3PAC2011 ** 3PAC2012 ** 4PAC811 4PAC812 4PAC1011 4PAC1012 4PAC1211 4PAC1212 4PAC1511 4PAC1512 4PAC1811 ** 4PAC1812 ** 4PAC2011 ** 4PAC2012 **
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