Versatility of Gantry Cranes in Maintenance and Repair Applications

Posted on March 13, 2017 in Gantry Cranes

When it comes to versatility in project applications, gantry cranes are the ideal piece of equipment to have on hand.  Theyve been designed for those operations that require the lifting and moving of heavy material loads.  When you consider how maintenance and repairs are necessary at one or more project sites, their built-in flexibility is a very important factor.

A Frame Design

Gantry cranes are comprised of three components namely two legs forming an A frame and an I-beam or wide flange span.  Unlike the standard jib crane that is equipped with a single support point at its base along with a boom and mast, the legs of the gantry crane have been designed to handle the weight of the materials that are being lifted and carried.  Furthermore, the A frame gantry was designed with portability in mind and is equipped with two wheels at the base of each leg.

The structure was also designed to reduce labor costs in that the crane can be moved under load manually by only one or two individuals from Point A to Point B on the same project site.  Whether they are used inside or outside of a factory or warehouse setting, the gantry crane does not require:

  • building structural support
  • primary installations
  • secondary foundations

Consequently, the gantry crane is the ideal option for numerous maintenance and repair applications in either indoor or outdoor project environments. However, it does help when you invest in a Made in USA gantry instead of opting for a cheaper version foreign makes and models.

Environmental Factors

Granted, maintenance and repair tasks will typically vary from one operation to the next.  However, the project environment is the deciding factor when it comes to determining which gantry crane is best suited for your operation or project.  For quick maintenance tasks and repair jobs, you can easily transport indoor gantry cranes from one location to another.  This is probably the single, most important benefit involved of using a gantry crane in these types of applications.

Depending on the gantrys size and the load it is carrying, it should only take one or two individuals to move it to a different location within the indoor project whenever required.  If needed, the device can easily be equipped with polyurethane tires and track mounted for quick and easier movement over a fixed route indoors.  However, when you consider that the majority of maintenance tasks and repair jobs necessitate changes in workflow, the more practical option is the portable gantry crane.

Another benefit is the fact that gantry cranes are adjustable and can accommodate a variety of heights whether its for maneuvering in narrow, tight spaces or using them for special lifting and on uneven floors.  Thanks to the gantry cranes adjustable span, they can easily be shortened for easily transporting them through tight areas.  Finally, you can customize them for easier movement outdoors with pneumatic tires.

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