Why Choose an Aluminum Gantry Crane Over a Steel One?

Posted on August 8, 2018 in Gantry Cranes

Why Choose an Aluminum Gantry Crane Over a Steel One?

If you have considered purchasing a gantry crane for your operation, you may have wondered what the difference is between a conventional steel frame crane and one that is made of aluminum.

Whether you choose steel or aluminum will depend on your application. There are some jobs that demand the heavier structure of steel. But there are applications that require more versatility and portability than a steel frame may afford. Here is how to make that decision.

Both steel and aluminum models are available in fixed models or ones that can be adjusted and both have the availability of different materials in casters and wheels. But when considering what your applications will be, will you require portability and lightweight versatility? In that case, a steel model may not be your best choice.


Contrary to what you may be thinking, aluminum is extremely durable and has some important advantages when it comes to gantry cranes. Aluminum cranes are capable of lifting heavy loads and have the ability of positioning with the same efficiency as those made of steel. The benefit of aluminum cranes is their strength when considering their weight.

Lightweight Portability

Aluminum gantry cranes are extremely portable and allow you to easily move them from one area to another. At only 36 to 44 pounds depending on their capacity, this lightweight material allows you the versatility of moving your crane from one site to another with ease.

Durability, Stability, and Movement

Aluminum gantry cranes are highly durable and provide incredible stability and movement. These highly versatile cranes come in a variety of models and also have multiple options to customize height, wheel spans, and removable legs. Because of their lightweight nature and portability, aluminum gantry cranes are often used in HVAC applications as they can be transported up stairways and onto roofs.

Easy Assembly

Not only are aluminum gantry cranes extremely durable, lightweight, and versatile, but they can also be assembled and disassembled very easily. This is important for companies that need to transport their cranes from one job to another in smaller service vehicles. In most cases, an individual can handle the disassembly, transport, and reassembly easily. In addition to its portability, aluminum does not corrode so it is a perfect material for controlled environments.

Endless Possibilities

Aluminum gantry cranes are extremely stable and designed to meet the rated load capacity. In many applications and with a variety of options and accessories, these systems can serve your purposes with endless possibilities.

When considering purchasing an aluminum gantry crane, you will want to do your research. At EC&MW, we draw from our over five decades of machinery moving and rigging experience and inventing gantries to fulfill customized needs for our clients. We simply offer a better-built aluminum gantry. Call us today to discuss your needs and how one of our models can help.

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