Our AC (air caster) gantry was inspired by the air conditioning industry’s needs.  With its ten pneumatic swivel casters it is ideal for moving loads on some rooftops. Applications include air handlers, compressors, electrical switchboards, etc.  Its lightweight aluminum construction makes it simple to break down for easy handling.  Other applications include the aerospace and Silicon Valley’s hi-tech industry for moving and assembling extremely delicate instruments.


Our Air Caster A-Frame style aluminum gantry crane was designed for customers that require the height and design of an A-Frame model gantry, but where conditions are unsuitable for the polyurethane casters associated with our standard A-Frames.  The duel casters make for smoother rolling over rooftops, hard packed level dirt areas, etc.  Air casters come standard with 4 position locking pins.

1k, 2k, 4k, 6k & 8k LB Cap. Fixed Leg A Frame

We build our traditional A-Frame gantries to the same high industry standards as all our portable aluminum gantries.  Our optional cart assembly allows moving the entire gantry in a single trip.  All of our models have multiple height adjustments and adjustable wheels spans.


This gantry is a continuation of our Removable Leg model.  These models have a 32″ to 35.5″ over all leg width; thus allowing them to go through standard size doors in the lowest position, while loaded.


We were first to come up with this design in 2005 and has been a great seller ever since.  We took the more traditional A-Frame style gantry crane and added a new and unique concept of telescoping, extendable and removable legs making it truly portable.  Optional cart assembly is also available on these models.

1k & 2k LB Cap. P Model

The SB model is the most versatile portable gantry on the market today.  16 different height adjustments, more than 40 combinations and reversible extension tubes (upright columns) for easy assembly make this gantry ideal for offset elevations.  Short I-beam lengths allow this model to fit in to service vehicles such as minivans or short bed trucks (much like our P Model), making service personnel’s jobs easier.

1k & 2k LB Cap. P Model

Our P Model gantry is one of our most portable gantry cranes.  Shorter I-beam lengths allow it to fit in to minivans and short bed trucks.  We introduced our top and bottom height adjustment aluminum gantries in 1997 allowing for multiple height positions.


Our T-Frame portable aluminum gantry cranes have the ability of going taller than the P & SB models, but still have the ability to fit into mini vans.  Perfect for service and maintenance personnel.  Our optional cart assembly allows moving the entire gantry in a single trip.  All models have multiple height adjustments. Larger models utilize our innovative lifting cam handle for height adjustment.


With this new style concept, there is no need to bolt and unbolt the leg braces.  This design uses the same concept as a folding ladder, but with the added safety of a clip pin.  The pins insure that the legs will not fold up when rolling the gantry making setup much faster and hassle free.


We were the first to introduce this model in 1999, our All-Terrain portable gantry crane goes where no other gantry crane can go.  Its design makes it ideal for repairing farm or construction equipment on site or repairing headstones in cemeteries.  Our All-Terrain gantry has many advantages over the standard tripod style.


Our WS500 model is constructed entirely of 6061 T6 structural aluminum and has a lifting capacity of 500 pounds. Able to straddle a 4 foot sq. pallet and a max overall height of 119″ allows it to pass through most standard warehouse doors.


The Animal Rescue/Assist Crane is ideal for veterinarians, race tracks, and anywhere there is a potential injury risk to a large animal.